Here is a general list of classes that we offer:

      1. We offer a full yearly curriculum of Math, ELA (English Language Arts), Science and Social Studies. These classes meet the requirements of all 50 states and homeschooling programs.

      1. We offer speciality classes in phonics, counting numbers, spelling rules, grammar, reading comprehension, context clues, literature, poetry, sentence development, public speaking, algebra, advanced math (calculus, trig, statistics, paragraph writing, etc.

      1. We also offer classes in coding to include Scratch and Python.

      1. We offer fun with Roblox sessions and will soon be adding art.

      1. We also offer story-time for smaller children to assist them with listening skills, and being able to regurgitate the material talked about.

      1. The children get FREE access to ABC Mouse, Read Theory, Splash Learn, Epic, NearPod, A Time to Climb and many other platforms, worksheets, resources, websites and downloads.