1. PictoryCreate highly engaging videos in minutes using the power of AI. No video editing experience required. Great for parents, students, teachers, homeschoolers, businesses, etc. Try it! We highly recommend it.
  2. Bridging the Gap TutoringTutoring for students that need help in everything from Math-Social Studies. They service children from 5 years old -18- K-12. They assist schools, charter and private and homeschooled children all over the world.
  3. One4All AcademyWhen it comes to early basic learning One4All Academy is designed with your little one in mind. From one-on-one learning to a group of six we’ve got everyone. Located in Greenville SC
  4. ACHIEVEMENT HEIGHTS ACADEMY — AHA is a private online K12 STEAM / STEM school. AHA has a CARING & ENCOURAGING ETHOS and is headquartered in Downtown Boca Raton, Florida. We are proud to serve a multinational student body. Moreover, we support homeschooling.
  5. Melanated Math-A math website dedicated to helping African American children learn math in a different way with various tools, resources and videos. Be sure to check out this fun and informative website.
  6. WELCOME TO THE GYM FOR ALL KIDS-WRTS is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment to foster learning, exploration and safe sensory experiences.-Located in Desoto, TX
  7. Arete Learning Group-Helping students of all ages overcome their individual challenges and achieve personal and academic growth. Through building trust and rebuilding confidence, everyone can reach his or her potential.
  8. https://cocoaclassroom.com-An online learning platform dedicated to assiting African American children with their everday learning needs.
  9. https://www.classicsforkids.com/ Music options for kids
  10. Testingmom.com Helping children pass their state and classroom exams with detailed and comprehensive exams for all states online.
  11. Flocabulary/-Cultivate literacy across the curriculum with standards-aligned, video-based lessons and activities that leverage the power of hip-hop, storytelling, and emotional connections.
  13. https://www.kindergartenworksheetsandgames.com/
  14. https://www.spellingtraining.com/
  15. https://storylineonline.net/
  16. Happynumbers.com -great math resources for elementary students
  17. https://writingexercises.co.uk/children/story-title-ideas-for-children.php
  18. https://mathsnacks.com/
  19. https://www.easyunitconverter.com/
  20. https://numberock.com/
  21. https://www.howstuffworks.com/
  22. 🚜 On the Farm Writing Prompts 👩‍🌾 Farm Writing Prompts with ruled lines and pictures to color FREE Printable Community helpers writing activity kindergarten 🐶 All About My Pet Free Printable Writing Activity 🦕 Dinosaur Writing Prompts FREE Printable kindergarten writing paper pdf FREE kindergarten writing prompts with pictures Printables 🦄 Unicorn Writing Prompts Lego Writing Ideas 🐳 Creative Writing FREE Printable Wale Worksheets 🐯 Jungle Animals Creative Writing about Animals Fairty Tale Writing Templates pdf Pattern Writing Mother’s Day Writing Prompts for Kindergarten 🍍 FREE Pineapple Writing Star Wars Writing Prompts Fun Writing Prompts for Kids pdf Handy, FREE Printable COPS writing checklist Opinion Writing Kindergarten Printables Free
  23. https://free-printable-paper.com/opinion-writing-graphic-organizer/
  24. Project Gutenberg: For accessing free public domain classics.
  25. Website: www.gutenberg.org
  26. SparkNotes: For literature study guides, analysis, and essay help.
  27. Website: www.sparknotes.com
  28. Poetry Foundation: For a vast collection of poems and resources for poetry analysis.
  29. Website: www.poetryfoundation.org
  30. Khan Academy: For grammar lessons, writing tips, and interactive exercises.
  31. Website: www.khanacademy.org
  32. LitCharts: For literature guides, analysis, and visual aids.
  33. Website: www.litcharts.com
  34. ReadWriteThink: For lesson plans, interactive tools, and student resources.
  35. Website: www.readwritethink.org
  36. National Writing Project: For teaching resources, professional development, and writing prompts.
  37. Website: www.nwp.org
  38. Edutopia: For articles, videos, and resources on innovative teaching methods in ELA.
  39. Website: www.edutopia.org
  40. Poets.org: For biographies of poets, sample poems, and resources for teaching poetry.
  41. Website: www.poets.org
  42. Google Arts & Culture: For exploring visual arts, cultural exhibits, and historical artifacts.
  43. Website: www.artsandculture.google.com
  44. Khan Academy: For comprehensive math tutorials, practice exercises, and instructional videos.
  45. Website: www.khanacademy.org
  46. Wolfram Alpha: For computational knowledge and step-by-step solutions to math problems.
  47. Website: www.wolframalpha.com
  48. Desmos: For graphing calculator and interactive math tools.
  49. Website: www.desmos.com
  50. IXL Math: For personalized learning, practice, and skill mastery.
  51. Website: www.ixl.com/math
  52. Mathway: For instant math problem-solving and explanations.
  53. Website: www.mathway.com
  54. Math Is Fun: For math games, puzzles, and explanations of concepts.
  55. Website: www.mathsisfun.com
  56. Purplemath: For algebra tutorials and study guides.
  57. Website: www.purplemath.com
  58. Mathematical Association of America (MAA): For math competitions, resources, and enrichment activities.
  59. Website: www.maa.org-Math
  60. GeoGebra: For interactive geometry, algebra, and calculus tools.
  61. Website: www.geogebra.org-Math
  62. Brilliant: For problem-solving courses and interactive math challenges.
  63. Website: www.brilliant.org-Math