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April 13, 2024

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At BTG Homeschoolers, we are committed to providing a fun and safe learning environment for all our students. Our Roblox class is designed to blend education with the excitement of gaming, all while ensuring a secure experience.

Safety First with Proctored Private Servers

One of our top priorities is the safety of our students. To achieve this, we use a proctored and monitored private server exclusively for our Roblox classes. This means that only registered students and approved instructors have access to our virtual classroom environment. Our dedicated moderators oversee each session to ensure that interactions are appropriate and respectful.

Online Safety Rules

To maintain a safe and positive atmosphere, we have established the following online safety rules:

  1. Respectful Behavior: Treat fellow students and instructors with kindness and respect. Bullying, harassment, or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  2. No Sharing Personal Information: Never share personal information such as full names, addresses, phone numbers, or social media handles during class sessions.
  3. Use of Language: Keep all in-game communication friendly and appropriate. Profanity, offensive language, or discussions of sensitive topics are strictly prohibited.
  4. Reporting Concerns: Students are encouraged to report any concerns or issues to our moderators or instructors immediately.

Virtual Classroom Rules

In addition to our safety guidelines, we uphold the following virtual classroom rules to ensure a productive learning environment:

  1. Follow Instructor’s Guidance: Listen to and follow the instructions provided by our qualified instructors. They are here to help you learn and enjoy the class.
  2. Stay Focused: Maintain focus during class activities and discussions. Limit distractions and participate actively.
  3. Respect Class Time: Arrive on time for scheduled sessions and be prepared with any necessary materials.
  4. Engage Positively: Contribute to discussions in a constructive and positive manner. Share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate with fellow students.

By adhering to these rules, we aim to create an enriching and secure space where students can explore, learn, and grow within the exciting world of Roblox.

At BTG Homeschoolers, we believe in the power of education and the importance of online safety. Join us for an educational journey like no other, where fun and learning go hand in hand. If you have any questions or concerns about our Roblox class or safety measures, please feel free to reach out to our team. We look forward to having you in our virtual classroom!

Happy gaming and happy learning!


The BTG Homeschoolers Team

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