Bridging the Gap Homeschoolers (BTG): At Bridging the Gap Homeschoolers, we distinguish ourselves by offering more than just an educational platform. We prioritize a holistic approach, combining academic excellence with community engagement, parental support, and a commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals. Our aim is to bridge the gap between traditional education and the boundless possibilities of homeschooling. This is all done while incorporating live teachers to assist you as a parent with multiple classes throughout the day to include the weekends on various subjects and topics. We are constantly growing and adding to our portfolio monthly.

BtG: The advantages of homeschooling with Bridging the Gap are multifaceted. Firstly, we provide individualized learning paths, tailoring the curriculum to suit each student’s unique needs and learning styles. Our flexible schedule accommodates diverse family lifestyles, allowing for efficient learning and the incorporation of real-world experiences.

Moreover, our emphasis on community building ensures that students have ample opportunities for socialization, engagement, and forming lasting connections with peers. The close-knit network of families within Bridging the Gap fosters a supportive environment where students learn not only from curriculum content but also from one another.

We recognize the importance of socialization in a child’s development. Bridging the Gap Homeschoolers actively facilitates community events, workshops, and online forums to encourage social interaction. We use private Roblox classes, Scratch Coding Classes and other resources such as breakout rooms to allows the children the opportunity to enjoy, learn, play and laugh with each other on various days of the week. Through field trips, extracurricular activities, and collaborative projects, students have the chance to engage with their peers, building essential social skills while maintaining the benefits of personalized education depending on the state and parent participation.

Academic excellence is a core pillar of our philosophy. We provide a well-rounded curriculum that not only meets but exceeds standard educational benchmarks. Our live teaching sessions, conducted by experienced and qualified instructors, focus on interactive and engaging methods to inspire a passion for learning. Additionally, our commitment to parent support ensures that families feel confident and equipped to navigate the academic challenges of homeschooling. Just like with our Tutoring Program we believe that repetition is the key to learning for most children, but especially homeschoolers. This is a unique opportunity that most children are not allowed or afforded in both private and public school.

No, we are not. We are not currently looking in doing any accredited services on a local, state or federal level to allow us the flexibility to homeschool and educate without government assistant and or interruption. We do highly recommend that you check with your local state in regards to the homeschooling regulation for your state as they do vary in all 50 states and some states are more stricter than others.

While, we DO NOT offer financial aid or grants, we do accept any outside funding or payments from any private funding that you may find on your own. We pride ourselves on offering a competitive and affordable price for homeschooling families and we also offer discounts for Military (Active and Retired) families and multi-child family discounts (as long as 2 or more are the children remain enrolled).

Most all sessions are conducted via Zoom. We do also use other encrypted and protected resources that may include Google Meets for fun activities, Roblox for gaming, Scratch Coding, Free Conference Call. We NEVER use any public or open domains for anything involving our children. We also do NOT send out links outside of our subscription site. If a platform site is down, we will switch it to one of our trusted backups and put a notification on the subscription portal. If we ever have to change the link and it has to be mass blasted to all parents, it will come from a secure, protected and dedicated email from the companies CEO only.

We do apologize, but, NO! We do not offer refunds for sessions as we work very hard to provide and quality resources and educators for each of our classes and sessions. Their time is prebooked and they are paid accordingly. We do not require long term commitments to our programs, but you do get a discount if you sign up for a long term package. If you are not sure if you would like to make a long term commitment, we just ask that you sign up for the month to month option so that you can opt-out at anytime. Neither the month to month no long term packages have refunds.

NO! There is no sharing of accounts. If we find that your subscription is being shared with another family outside of your home or family member within the home that is not registered it will result in the immediate termination of your access to your account. We will provide you with the status of your account, your child’s status and work history, payments, along with a letter confirming their start and end date with the program. At that time, they will no longer allowed to participate in the program. Again, even under this condition-there will be NO REFUNDS issued.

In the educational journey, the decision between homeschooling and public school is multifaceted and personal. Bridging the Gap Homeschoolers stands as an example of a platform that not only addresses the challenges associated with homeschooling but also actively promotes a supportive and engaging learning environment. Ultimately, the choice between these educational pathways should align with the unique needs, values, and aspirations of each family, ensuring the best possible educational experience for their children.

You get access to more teachers, more fun and more class options. Drill down, Focus and Repetition is what we can do in the year round classes. We do of course schedule for Spring Break, Major Holidays, Winter Breaks, etc. As a matter of fact, you can BREAK whenever you want! Homeschooling is supposed to be flexible. We provide you that flexibility and more. If your child misses a class they can always view the class here. If after they watch the class by themselves or with their parent, they still are lost, you should put in a request via the contact form on the homepage, so that we can reach out to the teacher for possible 1:1 coaching or a live replay of the class for all student.

Again, you never have to worry because we go over the topics OVER and OVER again in some shape or form. Our specialised curriculum and classes are designed to build upon each other like bricks. If time runs out in a class, we pick up where we left off in the next session. We don’t just leave you lost!

Yes, absolutely we do. In fact we source educators from all of over the world. That’s what sets us apart. We don’t put ourselves in a box. We have been very successful in our tutoring program by doing so which has allowed us to also be more competitive with Pearson’s Online Academy for Foreign and Domestic Children. That means if you child is the US or travelling outside of the US or if you just live outside of the US, that you can still use our program. We are more than confident that not only will your children learn a lot while being enrolled in our program, but they will also have fun while doing it.

They gain expose to teachers and tutors from all over the world to include the US. They have an opportunity to meet and learn with other children from all over the US and possibly the world. This keeps the children from being limited to just their small surrounding while being home-schooled. They don’t feel so alone and isolated. They can ask the teachers about their country and learn 1st hand knowledge while also learning Geography, Science and another language for FREE.

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